The Top Ten Weird But Wonderful Homes

Posted on: March 31, 2012

Weird, strange, odd, bizarre, peculiar, unusual… What do these words have in common?

They have all been used to describe TopTenRealEstateDeals.com’s newest list: The Top Ten Weird but Wonderful Homes!

So often these adjectives are ascribed with a negative connotation, as human nature tends to ostracize or reject things that are different or unique. Better to blend in with the herd; stay with the pack, be on the safe-side. So it’s rare to see homes that differ from the split level, manufactured, vinyl sided cookie cutter homes being mass produced at minimum cost.

Imagine if we all just opened up our imaginations like when we were kids and used our creativity to design something that is truly an expression of ourselves: our home. What a weird, strange, odd, bizzare, peculiar, and unusual world it would be. Interesting how these words take on a whole new meaning when creative becomes the norm. Definitely would make the morning stroll through the neighborhood a bit more exciting.

These homes are the opposite of ‘normal’ and to us, that is a breath of fresh air. These wonderful homes were designed by artists, renowned architects, inventors and visionaries, and perhaps some of these homes are simply a result of someone with a great sense of humor.

We spent over six months looking all over the United States for these unique homes. And we need to give a big ‘Thank You’ to all of the media reps and real estate agents/brokers (some of these homes are currently for sale) who helped us with our research and submitted excellent homes for consideration.

And watch for our Weird but Wonderful Homes sequel. We had such a tremendous response that we have already started on a second edition. So if you know of a home that is built out of Slurpee cups and toothpaste or looks like the Statue of Liberty, please submit your home here.


1. Hammargren Home of Nevada History!

A repository of found object art: a quasi-museum nestled in a city known for its architectural reproductions of Wonders of the World. Robin Leach once said it was the most interesting home in the world. Dr. Lonnie Hammargren, neurosurgeon, former Nevada Lieutenant Governor and Honorary Consul to B…

View Weird but Wonderful Home #1

2. East Hampton: Between Art and Architecture!

The most recent work of the world renowned team of Arakawa and Gins a landmark in architecture, this great dwelling points a way forward for the future of human habitation. Built as an extension to a 1964 A-frame house based on principles of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture, Bioscleave House is the…

View Weird but Wonderful Home #2

3. Coral Castle

If you had visited Coral Castle in the 1940s you would have been greeted enthusiastically by a man weighing a mere 100 pounds and standing just over 5 feet tall. He would have asked you for ten cents admission and introduced you to his home and fantasy world. He probably wouldn’t have told you tha…

View Weird but Wonderful Home #3

4. Minnesota Foam Home

It could have been the home of the future. It has been called many things over the years including Foam Home, Hobbit House, Flintstones Home, and Mushroom House but it could have been the type of home where millions of people live today. Originally built in 1969 outside Minneapolis, the home was eco…

View Weird but Wonderful Home #4

5. The Cunningham Domes

This beautifully eccentric home, located on over 40 acres of high desert near the artsy town of Patagonia, Arizona, was built by Gerry Cunningham, inventor of the ubiquitous drawstring clamp and the Gerry Kiddie Carrier, with his wife, Ann. With Gerry’s usual ingenuity, he designed the free-form con…

View Weird but Wonderful Home #5

6. Phoenix Mystery Castle

One day in 1927, Boyce Luther Gulley left his office in Seattle for a lunch-hour doctor’s appointment and never returned – not to work, nor to his wife and daughter. Diagnosed with tuberculosis, he disappeared, re-appearing 3 years later in the hills south of Phoenix. There he spent the last 15 year…

View Weird but Wonderful Home #6

7. Welcome to Shangri-La

This unique “Shangri-La” Dome Home consists of eight interconnected domes with two levels on 40-acres of land. It is quiet and private and filled with light. The 360-degree sky view at an altitude of 6700 feet is spectacular day or night and the views of the valley and creek below go on for miles …

View Weird but Wonderful Home #7

8. The Dune House

The oceanfront Dune House was designed by renowned architect William Morgan in 1975 and actually built into the Atlantic beach sand dunes. In this precedent-setting design, the dwellings are placed fully within the earth; two double-height apartments carved into the natural form of the sand dune. Th…

View Weird but Wonderful Home #8

9. Castle on The San Francisco Bay

The Castle on the Bay is situated across the street from the sunny shoreline of the San Francisco Bay. The Albion Castle,  established as a historic landmark  in 1974, was built as a brewery in 1870 and functioned as the Albion Ale and Porter  Brewery until 1919 when it was shut down during prohibit…

View Weird but Wonderful Home #9


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